DirectDoge DDF Crypto Payments for Everyone!

Lower transaction fees. Get paid instantly!
Crypto Payments for the People
Our unique plugin allows millions of online shops to accept payments via various cryptocurrencies. Low cost, swift transfers for shop owners - quick, secure and convenient transactions for shoppers.
Available on the Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche and Polygon networks
All major coins and tokens accepted, including DOGE, BNB, ETH, USDT, BUSD and many more - you can even add your freshly minted coin and trade with it directly!
Free Updates
All Shopkeepers will get the DirectDoge.Finance plugin installed for free. As well as Free Updates to make sure all the latest Networks, Coins and Tokens are added to keep up with the Ever expanding Cryptoverse.

DirectDoge DDF Provides Amazing Earnings for all the Plugins Users and Token Holders!

Decentralized Apps meet Ecommerce.
DirectDogeFinance is a cryptocurrency payment platform originally developed for WooCommerce. Soon to be available for Shopify users. The Biggest advantage of DDF for online shopping through WooCommerce and Shopify is that its fees are lower than any other payment system and you can send and receive Crypto to your wallet instantly.

Constantly Innovating
Never Imitating

We’re here to make difference!

DirectDoge.Finance provides real business opportunities with a real utility token. The first seen on BSC in a very long time with a very real use case. Most, if not all other coins/tokens are either shilling services or security oriented. They rely on hype and fail on promise after promise, rendering them virtually useless. DirectDogeFinance has actual market scalability while solving real world problems with payments for goods and services that don’t involve banks. DDF price will increase regardless of how many holders because our returns come from the plugin being used in online shops. The possibilities for growth are exponential.

DirectDogeFinance has actual market and solves actual problem, DirectDogeFinance price will greatly increase when people start paying via, our payment plugin when shopping online and has absolutely no upper limit where price can grow!

DirectDoge DDF Tokenomics

Total DDF coins created: 112 000 000 000
Marketing/Development 6%
Liquidity 3%
Reward for HODLer 4%


1.DogeDeals rebranded to DirectDogeFinance DDF
2.DirectDogeFinance DDF new website released
3.DirectDogeFinance partnership with FUDDOXX team
4.Marketing starts with direct email campaign to ecommerce shop owners IN PROGRESS
1.WOOCOMMERCE plugin active development in progress
2.Extensive plugin testing
3.Active marketing for CBD drop shipping and other e-commerce stores trading in this niche market
January 2022 – February 2022
1.WOOCOMMERCE app finished and tested, bug fixes if needed
2.DirectDogeFinance test shop running
3.First Woocommerce stores onboarding, setup and support
4.Continues aggressive marketing Constantly evolving the product
March 2022 – April 2022

DirectDoge DDF Always Innovating

The team at are always thinking about the future and have many exciting ideas for 2022. All online shop owners need DDF as a way to receive crypto payments for their goods and services instead of just debit/credit. Crypto is the future. Accepting cryptocurrency can be your ticket to freedom and financial stability.

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Everyone's Goals are Individual. We believe business advice should be too.

With DirectDogeFinance you can receive payments via crypto wallets supported by the plugin and all blockchain networks supported by these wallets.
With DirectDogeFinance you can pay with native money of blockchain networks or with tokens under these networks.
With DirectDogeFinance you can value your own private currencies against fiat currencies, which are not supported by Currency Converter, and get paid with your private tokens.
With DirectDogeFinance you can easily activate or deactivate the wallets, networks and currencies you want to accept payments from.
The accuracy of the payments is checked through the explorer. It even confirms the payment process after checking the sent address and the amount sent.
Payment approvals are double-checked both on the front-end and the back-end. That is, even if the user turns off the computer during payment and leaves. If the payment transaction is completely correct, it will be updated as pay completed.
All transactions are recorded under the name of the “Transaction list” page. The data held are Transaction id, Chain id, Chain name, Crypto currency, Crypto amount, Order currency, Order amount, Sender address and status.
With DirectDogeFinance you can easily add, remove or deactivate the tokens you want to receive payment from the admin panel.
If you are selling products without member registration, With DirectDogeFinance you can receive payment from your customers without having to register with the “Only logged in users can pay” feature.
With DirectDogeFinance you can choose what to update the product status to once the payment is complete.
With DirectDogeFinance you can easily move your settings with the backup system.